Of which we have already told our readers in detail. Designers from the Leningrad company, “The first indoor office” created an amusing thought of a private house, which joined several recognized and not too sweet trends: fire olive stilemmebel, from Ikeateplye; tone zemliudobny; polutoraetazhny house with an attic. And all this is due to the harmonious picture with the Baltic restraint. There is no pathos, everything is fine, but extremely cultured. This results in a very comfortable house, in which both hosts and guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Of particular delight is the causes of female owners wife, because she carried away the old ballet classes are created for a free studio under the roof. In this journey you will see the 18 photo-realistic images the most prominent parts of this comfortable home. . usb in the cloud;périphérique USB via Ethernet;access serial device;rs232 ethernet konverter;compartir puerto serie por ip de red;adaptateur rs232 ethernet;here;cannabis oil;usb over ip;virtual serial port driver;monitor com port device;usb via netzwerk;usb por ipadditional hints