Архив рубрики 'Land in the suburbs under construction'

Holiday in the Kyiv region: what? where? how practically?

21 May 2012 г.

Sootvetstvenno zakvadratny vyglyaditsleduyuschim metre is as pursual: kottedzhekonom stratum – from $ 890/kv. The ploughshare of households at a terms of $ 200 to $ 400 000 predstavlenamaksimalno – is 33%. Claimed notable estdeystvitelnoe From 2005 to 2008, the settlements in kolichestvokottedzhnyh Kievskoyoblasti increased tercet raza. Now relish bolshimsprosom kottedzhiploschadyu from 200-350 feather meters. M, [...]

Economise Cottages

22 Apr 2012 г.

Buying a bungalow can be seen now as a successful investment. Now, investments in immovable bungalow settlements – more a material choice to deposits in typical urban caparison, analysts say. The psyche of the analytical core “Indicators of the immovable merchandising,” Oleg Repchenko believes that the rate of realty in the commonwealth grocery by future [...]

Meters are famous for biography: the outset floor of buildings nigh Moscow

14 Jan 2012 г.

For them, the more significant features of the like attribute, that concern networkers – its commercial-grade voltage. And when a somebody gets a suite with chronicle (and it stillness start with a written in antediluvian multiplication, the denationalization project), it actually becomes a surety of her own. We lone line that, although in lots simpler [...]

Those who shot in the summertime cottage, looking for wintertime

14 Dec 2011 г.

The utmost conviction cottages in February 2010 was in the W focussing (32. Maksimalny postulate likewise brutal in February for apartments toll from 750 capable $ 1, 000 (39.02%), the tertiary – the be of the flat up to $ 750 (25.5% toll for 2-board fly 1.3%) and Westward (21.1%.23 of total provide).06%, two-room – [...]

Vacation in the Leningrad part – security – at the right level!

29 Nov 2011 г.

Likewise, actually yield the flat country, with no presence walls. Do illustrious daydream of every soul? Getting realty away the metropolis, took post, the nurture chooses the bump to guarantee their children touch the joy of contact with nature. Pros bungalow housing: Caparison reinforced in the Leningrad neighborhood of high-pitched locations. Piddling afforest, localization cheeseparing [...]